Dock Socket

The Smart Speaker Light Socket Dock


- Google Home Mini- 

- Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) -

About Dock Socket

What is Dock Socket?

The Dock Socket is the simplest way to integrate a Smart Speaker into your home or business.

Where does Dock Socket go?

Dock Socket fits into most lamps & recessed lighting fixtures and replaces the existing Light Bulb. (Currently the Dock Socket does not include an integrated light, but we are working on it.)

When will Dock Socket be available?

We re working hard to get Dock Socket to market. Beta is now available on Etsy.

Design Features

Wireless Integration

The best way to integrate a Smart Speaker seamlessly into your home. 

Best Microphone Location

Enjoy reflection free audio transcription to your Smart Speaker and eliminate misunderstood voice commands.

Easy Installation

Stay informed and notified with the beautiful and unique installation. 

Works with

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen)

Alexa, order a pizza...

Google Home Mini

Hey Google, turn off the TV...

Dock Socket - Now Available on Etsy!

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Dock Socket

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